Getting to Tibet

Hey everyone! Just checking in from the Chinese side of the Nepal/Tibet border. So from the last post there was a change of plans, there were supposed to be strikes on the road to the border so instead of leaving this morning at 4:00 am, we left at midnight instead. We drove pretty much all night, and got to a washout in the road at about 5:00 am. Luckily by then we had passed the area with potential strikes, so that part was a success, and we were not too far from the border either. We had to wait until after 6:00 when the Nepalese would wake up and be able to organize us a bus on the other side, so there was a little bit of waiting involved. That’s pretty much what the rest of our day would look like too; getting across the border was a lot of lining up, waiting, getting our bags seached, all done very throroughly, and lots of idle time waiting in between (and catching little naps whenever possible).

So the crossing is behind us, now we will head to Nyalam, and that will be our rest stop for a couple of days, before we head to Tingri for another couple of days. Or that’s the plan anyways, people who have been here before have this saying “This Is Tibet”, and you never know what you will get. We’ll see how those plans work out.

Alright, I have to head out as our bus will be leaving soon, take care and see you all!

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