Happy (belated) 21st of September!!

What is the significance of wishing you a happy 21st of September, you may ask? Well, that is exactly the question I asked after I got a text message yesterday wishing me a good day, and it came up in a phone call with a friend as well. I got a bit of an explanation in Spanish over the phone but wanted to find out exactly for myself.

So, naturally I went to Wikipedia and found the article on September 21st. Unfortunately, that page wasn’t very helpful, it didn’t list the things that were mentioned to me, only the fact that it was the international day of peace. So I went on the Spanish Wikipedia page for 21 de septiembre instead, and that proved more useful. Depending on which Spanish-speaking country you live in, they celebrate different things on this day. For Bolivia it’s the following, and quite a line-up to be put all on one day:

First day of Spring (something definitely worth celebrating after that awful winter of +5 degree overnight lows, as well as all those cloudy days)
Student Day
Photographer Day
Doctor’s Day
Day of Love, or Love Day (whichever sounds better to you!)

So yeah, I am pretty sure there are enough things there to warrant the wishing of Happy 21st September! Then again, people in South America tend to find the smallest reason to be happy and wish each other all the best, and that makes this place so interesting.

Take care, and once again Happy 21st of September!

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