Summit Pictures and Thoughts

Here are a couple of pictures from the top of the world:

Wiktor on the summit of Mount Everest

Wiktor on the summit of Mount Everest

Also a few thoughts on making the summit. A lot of people who have never been on an expedition such as this place a lot of emphasis on reaching the summit. And don’t get me wrong, that is the goal. But the fact is that there are so many things that need to line up right for a summit, that sometimes it’s beyond the climber’s control. I myself thought that I wouldn’t make the summit many times, in fact I was expecting to be turned back on summit day. Why that was I will get
into in a later post. But right now I just want to say that anyone that went up to Camp 4 at 8000m and slept there waiting to get their chance to go up should get the same treatment as anyone that made the summit. We all went through all the same things together, for some it ends in a summit, for others not. I do consider myself lucky in making the summit on my first attempt.

You can ask me more details about this in person if you want. In the meantime take care everyone and see you back at home soon! I still have a full day of walking left tomorrow before I am near motorized transportation. Later!

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